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About company


Our clients can be absolutely sure that they can access their files at any time. That is why redundant servers are used. They store copies of your data. And the originals are on your computer or smartphone. During server maintenance, servers are shut down in such a sequence that at least one copy of the data is always available.

Power supply

Our cloud engineers connect the servers in a way to ensure that users always have access to the files even in case of a power outage. Autonomous electric generators are used to ensure seamless access because they can stably operate for a very long time.


All data uploaded to the cloud is encrypted using a complex encryption algorithm in order to ensure enhanced protection and prevent unauthorized access. Accessing the data is possible only with an encryption key, that only a user has.

The territories of data centers are highly secured and the objects are considered strategically important. It is almost impossible to find any information about working principles of MyDarlix cloud storage. Except perhaps you start working at one of our data processing centers.


The database is redundant. They are distributed across multiple objects and multiple devices within each object. Natural disasters, human factors or mechanical failures will not result in loss of data.


All data is available, if necessary, but there is a difference between the production database and archives. Our cloud drive offers the optimal balance between data retrieval time and its cost.

My Darlix is a cloud service, a term that refers to a network of remote servers connected to the Internet. These servers can store huge amounts of information that can be accessed from any part of the world.

Daily profits

Carefully designed tariff plans that have proven to provide long-term revenue at a stable rate.

Deposit protection

A specialized deposit insurance system receives deductions from the company's profits, so that depositors are guaranteed access to their funds.

24/7 Customer support

We offer free services of our highly qualified technical support service for all My Darlix Invest investors. You will deal with any problems you may have.

Investing without borders

Every person from anywhere in the world can register and make a profit via our company.

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