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My Darlix is a cloud service, a term that refers to a network of remote servers connected to the Internet. These servers can store huge amounts of information that can be accessed from any part of the world.

Every company, whether Apple, Google or Amazon, has its own compression, storage and access provision algorithms. No one wants to disclose it taking into account the increased hacking activity. This is because one interview and a couple of technical clarifications can easily jeopardize petabytes of data.

Nowadays there are a lot of various cloud storage systems. And each of them has its own tasks. When our users upload files of any type and extension, the algorithm distributes them to servers - some are responsible for storing correspondence in messengers, others — for transferring photos or backing up emails and so on.

  • The client pays only for the storage space that is actually used, but not for the rent of the server, all the resources of which they may not even use.
  • The client does not need to engage in the acquisition, support and maintenance of their own data storage infrastructure, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of production.
  • All procedures for backup and data integrity are performed by the provider of the "cloud" system, which does not involve the client in this process.
About the platform
Planning and execution yearTechnological planningPlanning for integrationPlanning programsStrategic planning
2019Upgrade autonomous electric generators.Software as a service (SaaS).Update the file compression algorithm.Upgrade backup power to ensure that files are accessed smoothly.
2020Increase the scale of the equipment.Platform as a service (PaaS).Update the file storage algorithm.Increase capacity by 5 Petabytes.
2021Opening new data centers.Using Infrastructure as A Service (IaaS).Update the algorithm to provide access to files.Creating an supplement. jobs due to the construction of new data centers.
Company worked: 113 days
Investors: 10826
Total accepted funds: 764804 $
Total withdrawals: 163616 $
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